The Schmersal Applicationfinder

The Schmersal application finder searches for and displays the safety switchgear and system best suited to an individual application. The online animation of a packaging production facility is now joined by one of a food production line. In addition, the extended app finder is now also available in the Apple Store for iPad users, with corresponding versions for Android and Windows users downloadable in eleven different languages.

To enhance understanding, the app finder uses animations to illustrate applications such as flap protection for packaging lines or hygienic solutions for food production.
When the user clicks a danger zone in the animation, a window opens showing the individual product groups relevant to the application. The next navigation level describes the product lines and their pertinent technical features. Any available product animations here are started directly in the browser with the click of a mouse.  An online catalogue provides the user with direct access to further technical details, operating manuals and downloadable CAD models. Thus it takes the designer only seconds to select suitable safety switchgear for a multitude of applications and obtain full technical details of specific product proposals.