Safety relay components now fulfil explosion protection requirements all around the world

New approvals for Schmersal ranges help manufacturers with the international marketing of their products

Wuppertal, 30 June 2015. The SRB-EXi safety relay modules from Schmersal are suitable for secure signal analysis of emergency stop equipment and for safety monitoring. They now meet the requirements for explosion protection not only in Europe, but all over the world.

The SRB EXi modules were already approved on the basis of ATEX directive 94/9 EU and have been successful in the market for many years. However, ATEX approval is essentially only valid in the European Union. In order to allow the global use of the SRB modules, Schmersal has now obtained IECex approval for them. The International Electrotechnical Commission which issues IECEx approval aims to standardise explosion protection throughout the world. Schmersal has also obtained INMETRO  (National Institute of Metrology, Standardisation and Industrial Quality, Brazil) approval specifically for the Brazilian and South American market. 

These two new approvals offer real benefits for Schmersal customers: When marketing their machines and systems worldwide, manufacturers have to have them recognised by the local testing authorities in the relevant countries. The IECex and INMETRO approvals significantly improve this process and allow machine manufacturers to tap into additional potential markets. 

The IECex and INMETRO approvals are valid for the whole range: SRB101EXi-1A, SRB101EXi-1R, SRB200EXi-1A, SRB200EXi-1R.

The requirements of explosion protection apply in many areas of industry - not only in the chemicals industry, but also in food production where powdered ingredients or end products are processed, manufactured or stored. Schmersal provides a wide range for the designers of machines and systems which include various models of safety switches, position switches and solenoid interlocks in ex versions, plus safety relay modules for signal evaluation to allow complete system solutions for machine safety.