Safety solutions for the digitisation of the packaging industry

Schmersal’s contribution to the special exhibition on “Human - Machine - Future” presented by the Packaging Excellence Center (PEC)

Wuppertal, 12 August 2016. In conjunction with the Nuremberg exhibition centre, the member companies of the Packaging Excellence Center (PEC) based in Wablingen are presenting bundled know-how on Industry 4.0 and the digitisation of the packaging industry. Based on the motto “Man - Human - Future” various companies are presenting a special exhibition of solutions and development approaches for networked production.

Industry 4.0 represents new challenges for safety technology too. At the PEC special show, Schmersal is presenting safety technology systems to support packaging companies with the introduction of digital technologies, including a safety installation system with an SD interface. This is an installation guide for simple and cost-effective wiring of safety switches in series, with the “serial diagnostics” interface used for the transfer of non-secure data. Safety sensors and interlocks fitted with an SD interface can transfer extensive diagnostics data from individual devices connected in series via the SD gateway and a fieldbus to a controller, e.g. status data or failure messages. This means problems can be resolved more quickly. Extended diagnostics functions will, in future, enable preventive maintenance and the avoidance of errors and machine downtime.
 “We are putting lots of work into preparing for the challenges that the process of transforming to Industry 4.0 will entail,” explains Siegfied Rüttger, Industry Manager for Packaging, Food and Pharmaceuticals at the Schmersal Group. “We are working on developing new safety systems to provide our customers with the best possible support when it comes to introducing the digital technologies of the future.”


Visit us at Fachpack, Nuremberg between 27/09 and 29/09/2016: Stand 505, Hall 4A.