Heavy Duty Switchgear with DuplineSafe: Safety over long distances
Pull-wire emergency-stop switch T3Z 068-2909 - Maximum cable length: 2 x 50 m
Belt alignment switch T. 454 - Can be adapted to various applications
Emergency stop pushbutton MBGHAC311YE - Robust light-alloy metal housing

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Heavy Duty Controls with DuplineSafe installation bus: Safety over long distances

DuplineSafe is a safety-orientated field bus system for the transfer of messages and commands. DuplineSafe is especially suitable for reliable signal transfer over long distances. Schmersal now offers various safe switching devices with a DuplineSafe installation bus.

Pull-wire emergency-stop switch T3Z 068-2909

The cable-operated emergency switch T3Z 068-2909 can now be joined via a plug & play connection to the DuplineSafe installation bus. In combination with DuplineSafe, simple and safe signal evaluation of cable-operated emergency switches is made possible over long distances.

  • Maximum cable length 2 x 50 m
  • Time-saving individual diagnosis: accurate detection of which cable-operated emergency switch triggered a signal in the safety chain
  • Reduction in downtimes
  • Prevention of damage thanks to safe operation even in extreme weather conditions

Belt alignment switches T. 454

The belt alignment switch T. 454 is designed for a belt speed of up to 6 m/s. Through staggered contacts, a pre-warning is issued at a 10 degree angle of actuation. At a 25 degree angle of actuation, the conveyor belt is switched off. In this way potentially severe system damage and longer downtimes, caused by a loaded conveyor running at an undesired angle, can be avoided. The T. 454 is now also offered by Schmersal with a DuplineSafe connection.

  • Can be adapted to various applications by means of different roller diameters
  • Greater availability through operation on the Dupline installation bus
  • Avoidance of damage through safe operation even in extreme weather conditions

Emergency stop pushbutton MBGHAC311YE

The emergency stop striker button MBGHAC311YE can now also be joined to the DuplineSafe installation bus via a plug & play connection. In the same way as for cable-operated emergency switches, every individual emergency stop striker button can be determined in the safety chain after actuation. This thereby reduces failure times and downtimes.

  • Robust light-alloy metal housing
  • Easy to install
  • Protection class IP65 / IP67

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