Different enclosures in accordance with EN 50047/41.
Actuator elements for a wide range of different applications.
Simple and flexible exchange of actuator elements.
Actuator elements can be rotated in increments of 45°.
Flexible modular component system - cost saving in terms of warehouse storage.
45° rotated connection terminals for fast assembly times.

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New position switches series PS

Numerous potential applications thanks to a modular design

The Schmersal Group introduces a new range of position switches. Users of the new product family PS benefit from various application possibilities: All position switches are available as complete devices and also as modular systems. Position switches of category 1 according to ISO 14119 monitor moving parts on machines and systems as well as shiftable or rotatable protective equipment and register their position. The new series are used in all individual series of the machinery and mechanical engineering sectors – including automation, a variety of safety applications and elevator technology. With the protection types IP66 or IP67, the position switches can also be used under adverse conditions without any problems.


More flexibility with fewer variants

The series PS has a modular design with consistent components of all series and thus reduces the range of variants.  Thus, the costs for warehousing are reduced and the availability is increased at the same time. All position switches of the series PS116, PS2xx and PS3xx can be selected as complete switches or in the framework of the modular system as basic switches. Depending on the particular application, the basic switch can then be combined with a wide range of different actuating elements. In this manner, the greatest possible flexibility in application is ensured.

At the same time the variant diversity of the switches is reduced. To ensure that an adjustment to the predefined approach direction is at any time possible, all actuating elements can be turned in steps of 45°. Thanks to the connecting terminals turned by 45°, there is also a simplified connection with significantly shorter assembly times. Switching elements that are equipped with up to three contacts ensure a redundant shut down with an additional signal contact.

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