PROTECT PSC1: Programmable modular safety control
Safe IO extension modules
Safe axis monitoring
Safe Cross Communication - Ethernet SDDC
Safe Remote-IO communication - Ethernet SDDC
Universal communication module for field bus connection

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The latest generation of safety controllers

Programmable, modular, multifunctional and cost-saving

The PROTECT PSC1 is compact, modular and very flexible. And it offers further properties, which were previously unavailable in this combination.

"With the new modular safety control system PROTECT PSC1, we have successfully achieved a significant development step. It is multifunctional and can optimally be adapted to the individual applications in the various sectors", explains Christian Runge, product manager at Schmersal.

The PROTECT PSC1 consists of freely programmable compact PLCs with IO extension modules for signal processing of mechanical and electronic safety switchgear. In addition you can safely monitor up to 12 axes using the extensive features. The compact controllers can be equipped with a universal communication interface. This makes it possible to easily select and setup different fieldbus protocols via software. "The PSC1 offers therefore the advantage that only one single piece of hardware is required to establish a connection to all common fieldbus systems. This is interesting for our customers from a cost point of view", Runge says. The universal communication interface allows secure remote-IO communication and a secure cross communication at the same time.

In addition all Schmersal-SD-bus sensors can be connected to this universal communication interface, to transfer their data to different participants. In doing so, the universal communication interface takes on the task of a gateway to the respective fieldbus protocols, set via software.

The SafePLC2 programming software offers users a modern development orientated environment. It has extensive libraries with ready-made functions for safe monitoring of sensors and axes. These can be linked easily via "Drag & drop" to form complex applications.

"With the PROTECT PSC1 we can now offer our customers even more holistic safety system solutions, which include also our safety services," Runge says.