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New trainees at Schmersal

At the start of the 2022 training year, Schmersal welcomed five new trainees in Wuppertal on August 1, 2022: Alexander Chojnatzki, mechatronics technician, Jannik Wiechers, mechatronics technician, with training manager Holger Stoffel (standing from left) and Miriam Heßeler, industrial clerk, Jan Richtarsky, warehouse clerk, and Jan Riesenberg , industrial clerk (not in the picture).

"In view of the acute shortage of skilled workers, we are pleased that we can again welcome new trainees this year and that they have chosen Schmersal as their training company," says Holger Stoffel. Before the actual training begins, the newcomers will have the opportunity to get to know Schmersal in the coming days. Team building events are also on the agenda.
We wish all trainees every success and, above all, lots of joy on their new and exciting path to professional life!

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