New: Smartfair 2.0 presents a great variety of safety solutions at a glance

Schmersal to showcase 2023 innovations at on site and online fairs

Wuppertal, 12 January 2023.  Traditional attendance fairs are back after the Corona pandemic, but digital fairs remain a flexible tool for showcasing innovations and new technical solutions. Schmersal has completely overhauled its digital fair concept to present current products from the company in automation technology and machine safety, as well as a range of smart safety solutions.
Following the relaunch, the ‘Schmersal Smartfair’ is now easier to use and even more comprehensive. Additional products have been brought into the range, including safety solutions for heavy industry, lift technology, explosion protection and the Asi-Interface. In the new Smartfair 2.0 concept, safety systems and solutions from Schmersal will be presented vividly using an interactive module that simulates a machine production line with hazard points.

Smartfair 2.0 enables personal appointments with experts at Schmersal to answer visitor’s individual questions and demonstrate safety solutions using application examples. Partners will be able to see one another at all times using video conference tiles. Plus, the new Smartfair 2.0 now allows fair visits by multiple participants. 

Visitors to the digital trade fair can make a personal appointment with a sales representative or product manager at Schmersal. 
You can register free of charge at this link.

Schmersal at fairs in Hamburg and other international locations
Schmersal will also be showcasing its products at attendance fairs this year: At all about automation in Hamburg, Schmersal will be presenting new features in automation and safety technology in hall EG-306 from 25 to 26 January 2023. Schmersal will also participate at the Industriële Veiligheid congress in Utrecht, Netherlands, on 26 January 2023 and at many other international events.

All fairs at which Schmersal will be showcasing new features and innovative solutions for machine safety can be found at this link.

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