Ready for the US market— new AZM40 solenoid interlock with UL certification

Smallest electronic solenoid interlock in the world

Wuppertal, 17 May 2021. The new compact AZM40 solenoid interlock now has UL certification, which means that it can be used in machinery and systems intended for the North American market. In addition, Schmersal has optimised the interlock as well as developed additional versions that incorporate specific customer requirements. 

The new development has generated considerable market interest thanks to its compact ‘on-trend’ dimensions. With dimensions of 119.5 x 40 x 20 mm, the AZM40 is the smallest electronic solenoid interlock in the world. The AZM40 is the ideal safety solution for all machine builders looking for optimisation through miniaturisation, simplification and minimisation of materials. 

The compact AZM40 can also be installed easily in confined and hard-to-access areas thanks to 180° angular flexibility of the actuator. An added benefit is its universal use on rotary and sliding doors with a single design version.

New enclosure versions
The AZM40 solenoid interlock and actuator are available in two enclosure versions. For typical use in mechanical engineering, there are enclosures with a flat, screw-on surface for cylinder-head bolts. For visually improved installation and where space saving is a priority, there is a version with countersunk tapers for countersunk bolts.

Low-energy safety solution
The AZM40 operates to a bistable holding principle. This means that it maintains its locking position and securely holds the guard door in the event of power failure, thereby preventing hazardous run-on movements. In addition, energy consumption with the bistable principle is lower.

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