Schmersal at SPS ‘Smart Production Solutions’ 2021 

New solutions for the safety of machinery – compact, digital, networked

Wuppertal, 11 October 2021. ‘Compact, digital, networked’ is the Schmersal Group’s motto for the upcoming SPS ‘Smart Production Solutions’ 2021 in Nuremberg, Germany, at which the Group will be showcasing new solutions for the safety of machinery designed to achieve maximum effect with minimum effort. Reducing the size of safety components means a reduction in material expenditure and in the installation space required in machinery and systems. Continuing digital advancement, even in safety systems, means greater process transparency and predictive maintenance concepts. With Industry 4.0, machinery and systems are becoming increasingly complex, which means a need for more comprehensive safety systems. The networking of different safety switchgear devices is one way of reducing the complexity. 
At Stand 460, Hall 9, Schmersal will be demonstrating how the challenges presented by Industry 4.0 can be tackled through miniaturisation, digitisation and networking of safety components and systems.

Miniaturisation – a smart switch in mini format
The AZM40 is the smallest electronic safety interlock in the world, with a holding force of 2000 Newtons. With great angle flexibility, the interlock can easily fit into confined spaces and those areas that are difficult to access.
Similarly compact is the RSS260 RFID safety sensor – Schmersal has now equipped the sensor with new software, giving it four additional features, which can be selected as required. The additional features of the RSS260 not only make it possible to save on a safety relay module, but they also reduce the wiring and installation effort.

Digitisation – Schmersal presents new safety controller for the first time
One of the key features of digital production is a continuous exchange of data. With the PROTECT PSC1 safety controller, the user can utilise the integrated universal communication interface as a gateway to transmit diagnostics information from the safety sensors to a higher-level control system. In addition, the user can also take advantage of the modular, programmable safety controller to easily implement safety requirements for different machinery in a way that is specifically targeted.
Schmersal will also be using SPS 2021 to present for the first time the successor to the PROTECT PSC1, with its range of additional features.

Networking – greater flexibility with reduced wiring effort
Schmersal has a number of solutions designed to help master increasingly complex safety measures for larger machinery and systems. The Safety Fieldbox enables flexible and individually configurable safety solutions as well as fail-safe plug and play installation of a divergent range of switches. 
The SD bus from Schmersal is a system designed for serial diagnosis of series circuits. Combined with the new PSC1 safety controller solution from Schmersal, with OPC UA connection, it turns the serial bus into SD 4.0, thus enabling development of Industry 4.0-capable safety concepts with maximum design convenience and ease of scalability.

Safety at the Schmersal stand
In view of the ongoing risk of coronavirus, Schmersal has developed a strict hygiene concept for its stand at 460, Hall 9 to help protect the health and safety of stand visitors.

Visit Schmersal at SPS 2021 – Smart Production Solutions – in Nuremberg, Germany, between 23 and 25/11/2021: Stand 460, Hall 9.

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