Schmersal India pushes export activities and opens new “Export Oriented Unit” in its Ranjangaon factory

Ambitious expansion goals for Indian production site within the international Schmersal network

Wuppertal/ Ranjangaon, August 24th, 2020. The youngest production site of the Schmersal group, located in Ranjangaon/ Pune, has written a real success story in the last eight years. Established in 2012/ 2013 with the main goal to provide the Global Players of mechanical engineering with safety switches and safety systems for their local production sites and service units, Schmersal India Pvt. Ltd. has achieved a constant growth and currently employs a staff of 60 colleagues, producing several series of electro-mechanical safety switches for local use and for export.

Within the next few years, export activities shall be expanded in a large extent. The first step for this aim has been taken: Schmersal has just opened a new “Export Oriented Unit” in its factory. The EOU scheme of the Indian government was established to promote export activities by granting a variety of (mostly tax-related) advantages. Schmersal India does already benefit from these advantages because in 2018, a first EOU was established – on a more or less humble basis.

Sagar Bhosale, Managing Director of Schmersal India: “We started with a single production line in a confined area of 221 sqm. But no later that one year we added two more production lines.” Now lines 4 and 5 are on the horizon, and the business development plans include a rapid growth of export. The room for the realization of these plans is available: With the E-Inauguration Ceremony of its enhanced Export Oriented Unit on an area of nearly 1,000 sqm, every year two or three new production lines shall be added.

This plan is ambitious and at the same time realistic. Sagar Bhosale: “We are confident that we will use the full space very soon because we are able to produce safety devices in highest quality at a competitive price – and the international Schmersal network opens up the channels to address demanding customers world-wide.”

During the online opening ceremony, greetings from the German Consul General of India, Dr. Juergen Morhard, were transmitted. Philip Schmersal, Managing Director of the Schmersal Group, transmitted his best wishes from the German headquarter and emphasized the importance of an export-oriented Indian factory within the footprint of Schmersal´s production sites: “The inauguration of the Export Oriented Unit that we celebrate today brings together German products, Indian craftsmanship, high quality and competitive prices and contributes to the economical success of the entire Schmersal group. We create new jobs in India, we fill the factory and we produce competitive products to highest quality standards.”

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