Schmersal ranked among most innovative SMEs of 2018

39th place overall from a total of 3,500 applicants

Wuppertal, 10 January 2018.  In the latest rankings of Germany’s most innovative SMEs published by the German economic magazine “WirtschaftsWoche”, Schmersal was named among the top 50 most innovative companies of 2018 from a total of 3,500 applicants. The Schmersal Group  finished in 39th place overall. On behalf of WirtschaftsWoche, the consultancy firm Munich Strategy analysed the innovative capacity of 3,500 small- and medium-sized enterprises for the fifth time. For this analysis, they assessed annual financial statements and presentations, as well as speaking to managing directors, customers and competitors. Once they had narrowed down the selection to 400, the consultancy experts then calculated an innovation score for each company. The score is weighted as follows: one third is based on sales and profit development, while the remaining two thirds reflect the SME’s innovative capacity. This is determined using factors such as which and how many new products the company launches onto the market, how much they spend on research and development, and whether their competitors perceive them as innovative. Schmersal achieved an innovation score of 110.

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