Honey from the Schmersal beehive

“To take care of our planet" is one of our core values. Schmersal is involved in large and small actions worldwide to contribute to the protection of the environment in many different ways. The protection of bees is one of our concerns, which we support with much love and personal commitment, especially at our headquarters in Wuppertal.

By pollinating crops and wild plants, bees make an invaluable contribution to our ecosystem and, of course, to food production. At present, many species of bees are threatened with extinction worldwide, and we are working to do our part to preserve bees and thus protect a valuable part of our environment.

The sweet harvest - a total of 50 kg honey.

By pollinating crops and wild plants, bees make an invaluable contribution to our ecosystem and food production.

The initiative began in 2019 with the establishment of a bee colony on the roof of the Wuppertal plant. One of our employees, a hobby beekeeper, has carefully selected the site and regularly looks after the well-being of our new employees.

Since that time our first bee colony has settled in well. In fact, the initiative has been expanded and there are now already two beehives on the roof of the plant building. Together with our first bee colony, the newcomers are also eagerly working around the Schmersal plant, collecting nectar from nearby fields and gardens. There are also some flower beds on the company premises which serve as an additional source of nutrients for our bees.

The Schmersal honey of the 2019 vintage was mainly obtained from lime blossoms. The sweet harvest of our first bee colony - a total of 20 kg honey - was filled into small jars and presented to our customers as a gift. Of course we also nibbled on the finished product ourselves and can say that the initiative is a benefit on several levels: Not only does it make ecological sense in many respects and supports the preservation of biodiversity, the results are also very, very tasty... Already in 2020 our flying colleagues have been very busy and both colonies together have "produced" more than 50 kg honey!

We are very happy that the Schmersal bees feel at home with us and we are already very excited about the first taste test of the 2020 vintage.